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This site hosts various work I do openly, with the intention of creating an easily accessible, free knowledgebase.

My biology work is not done here primarily, so it is copied up after being done in batches. This may result in significant delays.

Content on this site may not all be owned or produced by me, and is hosted here under fair use. If you have the rights to any content here and wish to have it altered or removed, then please contact me to request this.

The accuracy of the information on the site cannot be fully guaranteed. I do my best but as I am learning these subjects some inaccuracies are inevitable. If you notice something, please let me know or submit a correction on GitHub. I will appreciate any feedback.

# Subjects

I have attached a link to all work for each subject below.

💻 Computer Science

🦠 Biology

💰 Business Studies

📕 Homework

Other, miscellaneous work may be found via the search function or the interactive graph.

If you notice an issue with the site or need help reach out to me on Mastodon. (Find the link below)