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Privacy Policy

Last updated Jul 4, 2023 Edit


This website is built as a hobby project - it is intended mainly for personal use and is provided publicly free of charge. I go out of my way to try and reduce data gathered, keeping things fairly minimal, but due to the use of third-party tools I cannot guarantee this.

What data we collect

No client side tracking is present on this site. Some analytics are collected by the webserver and some by Cloudflare.

Whilst the source code for the site is hosted on GitHub and the static site is built by GitHub Actions, it is not hosted by GitHub. I am privately hosting the site with Frantech Solutions, who are strongly committed to privacy.

DNS records are created and managed via Cloudflare and we do use Cloudflare as a proxy for this service.

Google Ads are used to cover running costs of the site. If you are against the use of ads, we are okay with the use of an adblocker. Having ads shown does help us keep the lights on though. We use a very standard configuration for Google Ads so should not track you any more than the default for GAds. If you notice Google trying to interfere with your ad-blocker, please take a screenshot and send it to me so I can try to ensure that an ad-free experience remains an option. If you do use an adblocker, I would like to encourage you to consider donating.

Buy Me A Coffee

If I can make a sufficient amount from donations, I will be able to remove ads from this site for good.

**I am open to any questions or discussions regarding this policy and any changes you might want to see.

Corporate affiliation

This site holds no affiliation to any corporations or organisations. It is solely administrated and managed by Seth. Any changes to this will be reflected upon this page.

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