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# Plant Sampling

Abiotic FactorSensor usedExample unit measurement
Wind speedanemometerm s ⁻¹
Light intensityLight meterlux
Relative humidityhumidity sensormg dm⁻³
pHpH probepH
temperaturetemperature probe
oxygen content in waterdissolved oxygen probemg dm⁻³

# Sampling animals

# Pooter

# Sweep net

# Pitfall trap

# Tree beating

# Kick Sampling

# Capture—Recapture

  1. Capture sample and count—this is c₁
  2. Mark each individual
  3. Release all individuals and leave traps for a set period of time
  4. Number captured next time is c₂ Number already marked is c₃ Total population = (c₁xc₂)/c₃