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Prokaryotic Cells

Last updated May 26, 2023 Edit

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NucleusNot presentPresent
DNACircularNucleus (linear)
DNA OrganisationProteins foldChromosomes
Extra chroma DNAPlasmidOnly present in certain organelles (chloroplast, mitochondria)
OrganellesNon-membrane boundMembrane Bound
Cell WallPresentPresent in some cases
ReproductionBinary Fission(a)sexual
Cell TypeUnicellularMulti-cellular
Cell Surface-MembranePresentPresent

# Endosymbiosis

Endosymbiosis is the theory that a larger cell engulfed bacteria with energy producing capabilities—eventually becoming chloroplasts and mitochondria.

Evidence includes mitochondria and chloroplasts dividing like bacteria; have individual DNA; dividing independently of the cell

# Gram Staining

Microscopy stain to help identify different bacteria.

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# Gram Positive Bacteria

# Gram Negative Bacteria