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Human Resources Flow

Last updated Mar 13, 2023 Edit

# Human Resource Flow

the flow of employees through an organisation including:

# The Inflow

Involves decisions about recruitment, selection and induction of new employees

# The Internal Flow

Involves decisions about transfers, redeployment, promotions and demotions, training and development, evaluating employees’ performance and rewarding them. The internal flow must be managed to ensure employees’ skills and competencies are developed to meet organisational needs, while at the same time satisfying employees’ own career aspirations.

# The Outflow

Involves decisions about when and how employees leave an organisation, including retirement, redundancy and dismissal.

# Human Resource Plan

The 3 key elements of the human resource plan are:

# Stages in HRP

  1. assessing the current workforce
  2. assessing the workforce needed in the future
  3. identifying the gaps or areas of oversupply
  4. developing strategies to fill gaps or reduce the oversupply
  5. right people, right place, right time

# NHS Case Study

# Recap

# Reasons to recruit staff

# Changes in employment patterns

# Workforce Planning

# The Recruitment Process

# Recruitment Methods