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Job Design

Last updated Mar 3, 2023 Edit

# Job Enrichment and Job Enlargement

# Influences on Job Design

# Hackman and Oldham—Job Characteristics Model

# Worksheet

# Q1

Hackman and Oldham’s job characteristics model describes how employees can get greater satisfaction from their work through changes to how their job functions as per job content.

# Q2

# 5 Core job characteristics

# 3 Psychological States

# 4 Individual and Organisational Outcomes

# Q3

i) Facebook and the constant innovation generated from the ‘Hacker’ culture evident.

Influence: Technology, latest and greatest

ii) BP rebuilding reputation under new leadership

Influence: Proving to the masses that the company has changed

# Q4

# True/False/It Depends

The task itself is key to the task.

Core characteristics:

# Case Study: Michelle’s Stressful Job

  1. Job design is majorly influenced by the amount of work, and type of work, that needs doing. If a company such as Michelle’s decides it needs someone in the reception area and that they need to complete a certain workload, then they will look for the most efficient way to achieve this. In this case, they have assigned a single person to this job, however Michelle is finding it stressful, so it is likely that regardless of how skilled an individual is, the company will need multiple people to be operating the role. Another major factor in job design is the quality of which a task needs completing. For a role like Michelle’s, there are many tasks that need to be completed, however for a large amount of them the task only needs completing, it does not need completing to a high quality. Therefore, it is more economically intelligent for her employer to only have 1 person in reception at a time, despite the fact that they may be aware that the worker will be stressed and overwhelmed by the workload. An area of job design that the employer has completely overlooked here is task identity, they have loaded so many different jobs onto the role of the receptionist, that they have blurred the lines between the importance of each individual responsibility.