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Organisational Structures

Last updated Feb 27, 2023 Edit

# Key Words

# Chain of Command

# Subordinates

# Span of control

# Hierarchical Structure

# Pros and Cons

# Flat organisational structures

# Flat structure for large businesses

Whilst a flat structure does come with many benefits, such as greater autonomy for staff, it does require that each individual is fairly highly skilled and has strong motivation. This is because there aren’t enough managers to closely control each employee, so every employee has to be trusted to know what they’re doing and - for the most part - just get on with it. The issue is if a business has many employees then there are likely some lower skilled employees, and there is a serious chance of managers becoming overloaded, especially if the business is distributed between multiple locations.

# Matrix Structures

A matrix structure is a structure where each individual is a subordinate of two managers. A team will be created to manage a project, where the project has a manager and each memeber of the team is part of a department such as marketing, finance or operations. Employees are under the team manager and department manager. This leads to some dual control.

# Delayering

# Pros and Cons

# Delegation

# Pros and Cons

# Empowerment