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Leadership or Management?

Last updated Dec 7, 2022 Edit

Leaders: Inspire people, build relationships, take risks and have followers.

Managers: Enact the plan, use their authority, manage risks, have subordinates

Both are closely linked and one person may have to do both roles.

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things - Peter Drucker

# Traditional Levels of Management

Senior Management:

Middle Management:

Junior Management:

# Moving away from Autocratic Styles

Why is this happening?

# Blake Mouton Managerial Grid

The “Blake Mouton Managerial Grid” shows how management styles differ between the balance between a concern for people and concern for results.

Produce or Perish Management is also called Task Management.

# Impoverished Management

Laissez-faire style; minimal effort on management; looking to avoid blame for errors.

Low concern for people and task

# Country Club Management

Focus on creating safe, comfortable working environment with minimal conflict.

High concern for people, low concern for task

# Task Management

Autocratic style, consistent with McGregor Theory X. Workers have to complete tasks - nothing else.

Low concern for people, high concern for task.

# Team Management

Staff closely involved in decision-making and feel valued; consistent with McGregor Theory Y.

High concern for both people and task.

# Middle of the Road Management

Compromises made to achieve acceptable performance; thought to be the less effective leadership style.

Medium concern for people and task.

Good decisions should be made with consideration towards stakeholders.