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Lean Management

Last updated Dec 7, 2022 Edit

# Time based management

Requires flexible, multi-skilled staff and the ability to change production at short notice.

Time-based management focuses on optimising the usage of time to the greatest extent possible.

# Simultaneous Engineering

# JIT (Just in Time) production

# Cell Production

KAIZEN => Continually removing waste from your system


KAIZEN is to continuously improve

# Kaizen morning routine

# 7 deadly wastes

Productivity = output per input

Efficiency = output for all inputs

Firms with a higher output per employee are more efficient, but they tend to gain a competitive advantage.

Quality of inputs in the production process can stop the line and lose the company money whilst out of action. Having the right number of staff at peak times will increase productivity overall, because stretched employees are demotivated by being overloaded. Investment in new technology; robots can work 24/7 without rest breaks and so will increase productivity levels dramatically.

# How to increase productivity and labour productivity

Some of the ways in which you can increase labour productivity are: