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Values, Expressions and Statements

Last updated May 26, 2023 Edit

# Value

A value is a single piece of data. It can be used as a literal or stored in a variable.


Variables can only contain values. So if it is contained within a variable - it is a value.

# Expression

An expression is an operation of values and/or variables that will result in a value.

Typically, you get a different value output than the input - as you are performing a mathematical operation usually (and most of the time you won’t be doing a * 1 operation).


Expressions are used to modify or compare values. They may contain a function call (ie, int(3.4) * 5 is still an expression).

Data Types do matter in expressions - so whilst you can multiply a string by an integer, you cannot divide a string by an integer.

So Bob * 4 is valid and results in “BobBobBobBob”

But Bob / 2 is not valid and will return an error.

A division operation will always return a float - even if the inputs were integers.

# Statement

A statement is any valid fragment of code. (A command, any line of code etc).


Multiple types

Something can be or contain multiple types. So a statement may contain an expression which may then contain a value.