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Compression, encryption and hashing

Last updated May 26, 2023 Edit

# File Handling

# Compressing Files

# Uncompressed Image Files

# Different types of image files

# Compressing video files

# Streaming audio files : MP3

# Streaming video files : MP4

# Run-length encoding (RLE)

A form of lossless compression where repeated bits are stored together. Good if there is high repetition, but it can sometimes be inefficient.

In video files, RLE works between frames, allowing for unchanging colours to stay as they are without using additional bandwidth.

This can cause screen tearing when it isn’t working properly.

# Huffman coding

So to say AB in this tree, you would use: 1110

In Huffman coding, the more frequently used characters require less bits to represent.

Another, more complex tree, as an example:

# How to build a binary tree

# Encryption

# Caesar Cypher

# The Vernam cypher